sama sama, but different

hi to all,

hard to hear anything with all the shouts..transport, fast boat gili islands, you want G-land chief, scooter, looking looking, yes yes…….

ah the sounds of bali! we’ve just returned from 6 days in the jungle at a surf spot called G-land. for those of you who know, awesome, for those who don’t, its on the east tip of java. we took a speed boat over to the camp which saved us 10 hours each way. on arriving at the camp we were greeted by the friendly monkeys…..who turned out not to be so friendly, more just cheeky! they were like children only faster, they wanted everything and when you turned your back they would make a break for it! we also got 8-10 foot waves which was a great thing to see there. the down side was it didn’t barrel that much, but still had great shape. we now have 18 more days in indonesia and are in the process of deciding what to do. maybe sumbawa maybe desert point maybe ubud? all good choices. will post some new photos in a few days.

hope you are all great out there,


sama sama, but different

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